Leo Tolstoy
Flight from Paradise

Pavel Basinsky

Leo Tolstoy

The Big Book National Literary Prize - 2010

ISBN: 9781782671268
Format: 229mm x 152mm
Paperback, 528 pages
Publication date: 25th December 2015
Paperback: €26.90
Hardback: €31.90
EPUB: €9.95
PDF: €9.95
Kindle: €9.95

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

Category: Literature, Literatuur, Non-Fictie, Non-Fiction, Russian books, Russische boeken
Level: Russian Literature, Russische Literatuur

Pavel Basinsky

Pavel Basinsky is a well-known Russian writer and literary critic. He is a member of the Union of Russian Writers and the Academy of Russian contemporary literature. He is also an active member of the permanent jury for the Solzhenitsyn award.

Basinsky was born in 1961 in Frolovo, in the Volgograd region. In 1986 he graduated from the Literary Institute (Department of literary criticism), then applied for a PhD there and wrote a thesis on Gorky and Nietzsche. Since 1981, Pavel Basinsky has had works of literary criticism published in various magazines. He currently teaches at the Literary Institute, works as an editor at Rossiyskaya Gazeta and is a member of the jury for the Yasnaya Polyana literary award.

For his book Leo Tolstoy: Flight From Paradise, Pavel Basinsky was awarded the Big Book National Literary Prize.

Publication Details:

Binding:  Paperback , 528 pages
ISBN: 9781782671268
Format: 229mm x 152mm

Binding:  Hardback , 528 pages
ISBN: 9781782671275
Format: 229mm x 152mm

Binding:  EPUB , 528 pages
ISBN: 9781782671282
Format: EPUB

Binding:  PDF , 528 pages
ISBN: 9781782671305
Format: PDF

Binding:  Kindle , 528 pages
ISBN: 9781782671299
Format: Kindle

Imprint: Glagoslav

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