The Time Of Women

Elena Chizhova

The Time Of Women

the Russian Booker Prize - 2009

ISBN: 9781909156210
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Paperback, 266 pages
Publication date: 31st January 2012
Paperback: €20.35
Hardback: €27.25
PDF: €9.95
Kindle: €9.95
EPUB: €9.95

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 5 vote(s).

Category: Literature, Literatuur, Novels, Romans, Russian books, Russische boeken
Level: Russian Literature, Russische Literatuur

Elena Chizhova

Elena Chizhova was born in 1957 in Leningrad, the city which provides the setting for her award-winning The Time of Women, a novel about the secret culture of resistance and remembrance amongst women of Russia. Chizhova, a former economist, teacher and entrepreneur, turned to writing in 1996 after being rescued from a burning cruise ship. Her beautiful and sensitive prose has already been recognized in her homeland: she is the winner of the Northern Palm and the Literary Premier of ‘Zvezda’ journal in 2001, as well as of the Russian Booker Prize in 2009. Chizhova’s prose shuns trickery in favour of emotional honesty in order to probe the weeping sores of Russian history that contemporary culture would sooner forget. Chizhova is the director of the local PEN centre in St. Petersburg. 

Publication Details:

Binding:  Paperback , 266 pages
ISBN: 9781909156210
Format: 203mm x 127mm

Binding:  Hardback , 266 pages
ISBN: 9781909156227
Format: 203mm x 127mm

Binding:  PDF
ISBN: 9781909156463
Format: PDF

Binding:  Kindle
ISBN: 9781909156241
Format: Kindle

Binding:  EPUB
ISBN: 9781909156234
Format: EPUB

Imprint: Glagoslav

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