Tsarina Alexandra's Diary (Dutch)

Tsarina Alexandra's Diary (Dutch)
ISBN: 9789491425646
Paperback, 136 pages
Publication date: 30th January 2015
Paperback: €17.25
EPUB: €9.95
PDF: €9.95
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Category: Classics, Literature, Non-Fiction, Russian books
Level: Russian Literature

Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna’s diary, while being a historical document, is not the kind that would give a reader an idea of the time or the personality of the author by describing daily hassles. The Empress, in fact, filled many pages with short spells, lyrics, poems and comments she encountered in the works of JR Miller, Thomas à Kempis, La Rochefoucauld, Wordsworth, Longfellow and others. Words like duty, humility, perseverance, self-sacrifice, and dedication are key concepts here.

On paper these might be words, but they represent the life of a woman who held a rather solitary position at the Russian court. Daughter of the German Grand Duke Louis IV and the English Princess Alice, Alix, as was the German name of Alexandra Feodorovna, was an unloved outsider. Alexandra joined the Russian Orthodox Church in order to marry her great love, Tsar Nicholas II.

Despite the loss of her homeland Hessen-Darmstadt, she was happy and passionately devoted herself to her family. In this selected fragment, Tsarina offers us a glimpse into her soul and reveals the source from which she drew her strength. Her conversion to the Russian Orthodox Christianity turns out to be not that much for the sake of her marriage but for the sake of her living soul: these notes reveal her deep devotion to her faith. The three different parts of the diary - Marriage and Family Life (1899-1904), Wise Words (1908-1913) and The Garden of the Heart (1917) offer a lot of wisdom and reflect the spirit of 2014.

Publication Details:

Binding:  Paperback , 136 pages
ISBN: 9789491425646

Binding:  EPUB , 136 pages
ISBN: 9781783840274
Format: EPUB

Binding:  PDF , 136 pages
ISBN: 9781783840298
Format: PDF

Binding:  Kindle , 136 pages
ISBN: 9781783840281
Format: Kindle

Imprint: Glagoslav

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