We Are Building Capitalism!
Moscow in Transition 1992-1997

Robert Stephenson

We Are Building Capitalism!
ISBN: 9781912894024
Format: 216mm x 280mm
Paperback, 210 pages
Publication date: 31st March 2019
Paperback: €44.50
Hardback: €49.99
PDF: €24.99

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Robert Stephenson’s book focuses on Moscow following the collapse of the USSR and provides a unique pictorial view of daily life in Russia’s capital city during the turbulent early years of transition to market capitalism. Original photographs and supporting narrative by the author, who lived in the city throughout the time, show how the old Soviet capital and its inhabitants adapted to a new capitalist reality as Russia opened its doors wide to new influences, ideas and possibilities.

This was a time of promise and protest, revolution and reaction, with Moscow at the centre of the changes. While Soviet monuments, cars and domestic appliances were abandoned and thrown on the rubbish heap, a new consumer society gradually asserted itself. New ideologies and beliefs challenged and clashed with previous orthodoxies. At the same time resistance to reform and western influence was also emerging, and new certainties were sought in the return of old, pre-Soviet symbols and values.

The book portrays the country's capital in the epoch-making period between the fall of communism and the establishment of the modern Russian state and provides a new and intriguing source of original material for all scholars and general readers interested in modern Russian history and culture.

"This fascinating new book will appeal to both scholars and general readers. Combining a keen eye for detail with a sensitive and humanistic touch, Robert Stephenson’s original photographs marvellously capture the unexpected contradictions of the early post-communist 'transition' period in Moscow in the 1990s. Complemented by an insightful and witty narrative, these unique images portray the everyday effects of the tumultuous changes and reforms of the 1990s. Through changing consumer cultures, transportation, architecture, religion, folk life, the arts, and of course politics, Stephenson takes the reader on a whirlwind tour that sheds new light on the city during a turbulent period in recent Russian history." Prof. Sarah D. Phillips, Director, Russian & East European Institute, Indiana University

"This evocative collection of photographs is accompanied by a clear and sensible text. It vividly describes how Moscow made a surprisingly peaceful transition from Soviet communism to a flawed capitalism which greatly increased the prosperity of of its ordinary citizens, but left many of them deeply dissatisfied with the huge political, economic, social and personal changes that had been imposed on them with such suddenness." Sir Rodric Braithwaite, British Ambassador in Moscow in the 1990s

"It is a virtue of Stephenson’s book that, as he says at the end, 'I have avoided the temptation in this book to compare the old with the new.' Thus has he avoided propaganda, and also cheap nostalgia. Ergo, this is a book is for all Muscovites who lived through that terrible time. It’s a reminder of the duty those who survived owe to those who didn’t." John HelmerDances With Bears

"A British IT expert who worked in Russia during the early 90s has documented the rise of the new capitalist state in a new book, and it’s fascinating." Alexandra GuzevaRussia Beyond

Robert Stephenson

Robert Stephenson is a former UK senior civil servant with over thirty-five years of experience working in public administration, including twenty years in international development. He began his international career in Moscow in March 1992 and spent the next five years living and working in the city as a consultant to the new Federal Employment Service, and then leading a major UK-Russia joint funded programme of capacity building for Russian trainers in business and commercial skills.

Stephenson went on to lead a UK government team, based in the National School of Government, dedicated to supporting civil service development and reform around the world. For the next 15 years he continued to work with Russian counterparts and led partnerships with civil service institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and former Yugoslavia.

Since leaving the service he has concentrated on developing his lifelong passion for travel and photography and his first book, “We Are Building Capitalism! Moscow in Transition 1992-1997” - written from his personal experience and using his own photographs - provides a unique portrait of the city through the turbulent years that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Publication Details:

Binding:  Paperback , 210 pages
ISBN: 9781912894024
Format: 216mm x 280mm

Binding:  Hardback , 210 pages
ISBN: 9781912894192
Format: 216mm x 280mm

Binding:  PDF , 210 pages
ISBN: 9781912894031
Format: PDF

Imprint: Glagoslav

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