Lubov Bazan

Lubov Bazan, a historian, art analyst and translator, was born in Belarus where she graduated from the Faculty of History at the Pedagogical University and the post-graduate School of Art at the Academy of Science. Following her graduation, she worked as a research associate at the Vitebsk Historical Museum and professor of the History of Art at the Institute of Technology.

In 1988 Bazan became the director of the Vitebsk Municipal Art Gallery, at the same time working as the television writer and hostess of TV shows about art.

In 1991, under Bazan’s supervision, Belarus saw an exposition of Marc Chagall’s work, the first of its kind in the country at the time, featuring over a hundred paintings by the previously banned in the communist state artist. After the exposition, Lubov Bazan became actively involved in the creation of the Marc Chagall Museum in his native Vitebsk, eventually assuming the position of the museum’s director.

Since 1997 Lubov Bazan has lived in the Netherlands where she lectures on the history of Russian art and iconography. She has authored multiple articles about history, culture and art, and in 2011 translated the book Pyotr’s Borscht by Dutch novelist José Hennekam into Russian.

A History of Belarus

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A History of Belarus
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