Leonid Andreev

Leonid Andreev (1871-1919) was a famous Russian writer, a representative of the Silver Age in Russian literature, and a founder of Russian Expressionism.

Andreev studied law at the Moscow University and the University of St. Petersburg. In 1894 a romantic fiasco led him to attempt suicide, the result of which was heart disease and a religious confession. To maintain his mother and siblings who had moved to Moscow, Andreev resorted to temporary work as a tutor and a portraitist.

After successfully passing his final exams at the University, Andreev practiced law for the next few years. The year 1902 marked the beginning of his journalistic activities, following the publication of his first short story Bargamot and Garaska in 1898 that had drawn literary praise from Maxim Gorky. The expressiveness and symbolism of Andreev's language evoked a warm response among artists and intellectuals of pre-revolutionary Russia and earned him long-lasting recognition.Andreev actively supported the first Russian revolution; he was jailed for harbouring activists and organizing secret meetings, but soon released. After the reaction of 1907, Andreev renounced his revolutionary views, believing that the revolt of the masses could only lead to suffering. The writer did not accept the 1917 October Revolution. His last works contain pessimistic themes and criticisms of the communist powers of the time.

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The Grand Slam and other stories (Dutch)
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