Vladislav Dorofeev

Authors of Heroes of the 90s are journalists and editors of the newspaper Kommersant, the first daily business publication in Russia. The team of Kommersant saw its purpose in delivering news as a working tool for entrepreneurs. No evaluations, no author’s own conclusions – just pure facts.

Vladislav Dorofeev, chief of special projects of Kommersant Publishing House, works in various periodicals, on television and radio, and in information agencies, having come a long way in his 25 years of career in the industry – from a reporter and a special correspondent to the general director. Dorofeev graduated from Tula Technical College specializing in engineering, then Department of Journalism of Moscow State University. Today Vladislav is actively involved in literary pursuits; his genres are documentary novels, romances and collections of poetry. Vladislav Dorofeev was nominated for the Russian Bestseller Prize in 2003 and Russian Bunin Prize in 2005.

Heroes of the 90s

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Heroes of the 90s - People and Money. The Modern History of Russian Capitalism
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