Tatiana Lungina

Tatiana Lungina, formerly a Moscow journalist and a close friend of Wolf Messing and his wife, and assistant Aida,  was specifically charged by Messing to prepare his life story. And their friendship lasted for over thirty years before his death in 1974.

Now living in Los Angeles, Tatiana Lungin conducted meticulous records of all the circumstances of Messing’s life, impressions regarding the man with an extraordinary destiny and a mysterious soul. The principle which she tried to follow strictly in her work on the book was the utmost respect for veracity. Only the "verified" personal experiences and observations, only the words and the assessments given by Wolf Messing and people close to him, formed the basis of her book.

This edition was edited by D. Scott Rogo, author of twenty-eight books on parapsychology, including The Poltergeist Experience, Exploring Psychic Phenomena, and Life after Death.

Wolf Messing

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Wolf Messing - The True Story of Russia`s Greatest Psychic
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