Eugenia Kononenko

Eugenia Kononenko is a famous Ukrainian writer and literary translator from English and French, member of the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies. Born in 1959 in Kyiv (Ukraine), she graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of the Shevchenko State University and French Philology Department of the Kyiv Institute of Foreign Languages.

Most famous for her short stories, Eugenia Kononenko has worked in various genres: poetry, essays, novels, children's books, a number of explorations of popular culture and gender issues and journalistic articles. Kononenko works have been published in dozen languages and brought her several literary and translation prizes. Eugenia Kononenko is an active participant of international literary, cultural and scientific forums in Ukraine, France, USA, Poland, Finland, Estonia, and Russia. 

A Russian Story

Paperback, 124 pages

9781783840113 | Pub. date: November 2013
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Kindle, 124 pages

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EPUB, 124 pages

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A Russian Story
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