The President В. Yeltsin Centre Foundation

Founded in November 2000, "The President В. Yeltsin Centre" Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to give the youth of Russia the opportunity to reach their creative potential. The Foundation uses its influence to support young people, cultivating their talents in various fields, including education, science, art and sport. The Foundation also carries out studies of historical and political foundations reforms that took place in Russia, and the role of President Yeltsin in Russian and international politics.

The Foundation is working to nurture peaceful and friendly relations between the world’s nations, offering help in the battle against social and religious conflicts. In order to achieve these various goals, the charity has become a committed contributor to international humanitarian work.

professor and doctor of engineering sciences M.R. Zezina,
prof., doctor of engineering sciences O.G. Malysheva,
D.Eng.Sc. F.V. Malkhozova,
prof., doctor of engineering sciences R.G. Pikhoya Material by the following was used:
doctor of philosophical sciences V.A. Boikov,
doctor of engineering sciences A.D. Kirillova, G.M. Kayota 

A Man of Change

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A Man of Change - A study of the political life of Boris Yeltsin
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