Charles S. Kraszewski

Charles S. Kraszewski (b. 1962) is a poet, translator and literary critic.  He has published three volumes of original verse: Beast (Alexandria, 2013), Diet of Nails (Boston, 2013) and Chanameed (Atlanta, 2015).  Among his critical works is Irresolute Heresiarch: Catholicism, Gnosticism and Paganism in the Poetry of Czesław Miłosz (Newcastle-on-Tyne, 2012); many of his verse translations are collected in the volume Rossetti’s Armadillo (Newcastle-on-Tyne, 2014).  His translation of Adam Mickiewicz’s Forefathers’ Eve, published by Glagoslav in 2016, is the first complete verse translation of the cycle published in English.  It has been exploited in its entirety by the Teatr Polski in Wrocław, and partially set to music by Arturas Bumšteinas in his contemporary orchestral work Different Trains (2014).

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Edited and translated by:
Acropolis - The Wawel Plays
Forefathers' Eve

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The Secret History of my Sojourn in Russia
Catalogue 2018

Catalogue 2018