Sergei Shargunov

A writer, journalist and political activist, Sergey Shargunov was born in 1980 into the family of a Russian Orthodox priest. He studied journalism at Moscow State University, and since then has reported from different locations including Chechnya and South Ossetia, earning a reputation as a writer with a social conscience who has covered some of the most significant events in recent Russian history. He has worked for different periodicals, often heading his own literary projects, and since 2000 has worked for New World magazine as a literary critic and as an author of fiction.

In 2012, Shargunov spearheaded the launch of opposition news website Svobodnaya Pressa (‘Free Press’) together with fellow writer Zakhar Prilepin, and remains its chief editor. He has been a finalist in the National Bestseller Awards and the recipient of a Debut award for literature and a Moscow National Award for Art and Literature.   

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Catalogue 2019