The First Oligarch
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Michel Terestchenko

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This wonderful book is composed by a direct descendant of the legendary Terestchenko family, Michel Terestchenko. Through the eyes of the direct participant, who was his grandfather, the author attempts to experience the events that took place in the end of the XIXth century and the first half of the XXth century, the events that altered history.

Born in 1886, at the age of thirty one Michael Terestchenko is a bright young man, remarkable in his aspirations and methods, the sole owner of one of the largest capitals of the Russian Empire. Terestchenko becomes the deputy to the State Duma of the Russian Empire, then assumes the position of the Russia’s Minister of Finances, and subsequently takes on the function of the Minister of International Relations in the Russian Provisional Government after the February Revolution in 1917.

In the course of a catastrophic national tragedy he loses everything, but manages to re-build, already being an immigrant. Despite the odds he restores his professional fame of one of the world’s most respected and influential bankers.

The book in your hands, dear reader, is also the story of a family whose hard work becomes the example of generosity and philanthropy, charity, love and care for the needy, the deprived and the orphaned. The family whose public service is till this day remembered and celebrated in their heritage - temples and art galleries that they built, theatres and universities they established, hospitals and orphanages they founded.

Today’s world with all its technology and advancement is still in need of examples of leadership and social and political maturity, examples that humanity draws from its history. Russian Empire knew many of such outstanding nobles who saw their first duty in serving their country, their people, and such service was indeed the life of an extraordinary person Michael Terestchenko.

Michel Terestchenko

French-born Michel Terestchenko, a proud father and a young grand-father in his 50s, belongs to the well known family of the Russian-Ukrainian émigré, the family that lived in exile for many years.

Michel found himself professionally in the underwater science, becoming an engineer and owner of patents and technologies for the underwater exploration. In the early 1980s Michel worked with Jacques Ives Cousteau and for the company Beta-USA, constructing bathyscaphes, and since late 1990s he worked in Marcel, France, and later in Paris where he opened a store specializing in diving equipment and sea algae cultivation technology. Since 2003 Michel lives in Kyiv.

In his book “The First Oligarch”, Michel Terestchenko maintains his hope for his children and the new generation to learn and embrace same values of personal integrity that were the core standard for his famous ancestor and are just as called for today when global society is re-thinking its future, re-shaping the world.


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