Andrei Tarkovsky: The Collector of Dreams

Layla Alexander-Garrett

Andrei Tarkovsky: The Collector of Dreams
ISBN: 9781782670001
Формат: 229mm x 152mm
Мягкая обложка, 386 стр
Дата публикации: 10th December 2012
Мягкая обложка: €22,90
Твердый переплет: €29,65
Kindle: €9,95
EPUB: €9,95
PDF: €9,95

Рейтинг:: 5 / 5 - 2 голос(ов).

Категория: Literature, Non-Fiction, Russian books
Уровень: Russian Literature

Layla Alexander-Garrett

Layla Alexander-Garrett has worked as an interpreter for some great icons of film and theatre, most notably with Andrei Tarkovsky on his last film The Sacrifice (1986, Sweden). She is the author of a prize-winning memoir, Andrei Tarkovsky: The Collector of Dreams, as well as a photo album, Andrei Tarkovsky: A Photographic Chronicle of the Making of The Sacrifice. A documentary film based on the book was named the best national project 2011 and received the highest award at the national competition Service To The Fatherland: Events and Names.

Born in Uzbekistan, Alexander-Garrett has studied Russian language and literature, Tibetan language and Tibetan Buddhism, and graduated in Film Studies from Stockholm University. She has written, directed and produced a short film, The Yawning Man, and is also the author of the plays Gaspard de la nuit, The Hanged Man,  Not Losing a Son and English Breakfast.

An active cultural figure,  Alexander-Garrett organises numerous charity concerts and art festivals, including Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Paradjanov festivals in London. She has also curated photo exhibitions shown in many cities of the world. She currently lives in England.

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Переплет:  Мягкая обложка , 386 стр
ISBN: 9781782670001
Формат: 229mm x 152mm

Переплет:  Твердый переплет , 386 стр
ISBN: 9781782670018
Формат: 229mm x 152mm

Переплет:  Kindle , 386 стр
ISBN: 9781782670032
Формат: Kindle

Переплет:  EPUB , 386 стр
ISBN: 9781782670025
Формат: EPUB

Переплет:  PDF , 386 стр
ISBN: 9781782670049
Формат: PDF

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